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African Violets are popular flowering plants suitable for indoor gardening.  They are compact plants with attractive dark green, thick, hairy leathery leaves.  In addition to common shades of blue-violet, there are also pink and white varieties.  Bi-colored flowers with a contrasting border are also popular.

African Violets are easy to grow; they adjust quite well to the indoor conditions of homes.  They require good soft light, direct sunlight is not necessary.  Windows facing North East provide favorable light conditions.  Excessive light levels may cause leaves to go pale or yellowish green and may also result in poor flowering.  If the light is too low, leaves become thin and darker in color and flower very poorly.  In such cases, supplementing with artificial light (fluorescent light) helps to promote flowering.

Over-watering is the most common problem in African Violets.  Amount and frequency of watering depends on drainage, light, temperature, humidity, and the type of pot used.  Plants in clay pots require more frequent watering than those in plastic pots as evaporation is greater.  In general, water the plants only when the surface of the potting mix is dry to touch.

Watering may be done from top to bottom.  When watering from top, apply sufficient water to thoroughly saturate the potting mix and discard the excess water which drains through the bottom of the pot.  Watering from the bottom may be done by placing the pot in a container to which about one inch of water is added.  When the soil surface becomes moist, remove the pot and discard excess water.  ‘Wick’ watering method (using a wick extending through the drainage hole into saucer containing water), is also an effective method.

Re-potting African Violets about once a year is essential.  Gently remove the plant from the pot, remove all lateral crowns, leaving only the central crown.  Break or trim the bottom portion of the root.  Use a clean pot to re-pot the pruned plant.  Gently firm the new soil around the plant and water well.


A completely water soluble fertilizer containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Trace Elements is good for African Violets.  Pre-mixed fertilizer products specific to African Violets such as Manutec African Violet Food are available at most garden centers. During flower bud initiation & flowering period, application of high potassium soluble fertilizers such Manutec Bloom Booster helps to enhance the flower quality. The safest way to apply fertilizer is to apply dissolved fertilizer solution from the top and then discard the excess solution that drains from the bottom.  Follow directions on the product label for correct dilution and application.  A regular feeding pattern is best for continued flowering. Ready to use liquid fertilizers Easy Squirt for African Violets are also commercially available from garden outlets. Please refer to product details below and click on product specifications to download fact sheets or MSDS.

African Violet 250g

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