For Foliage Plants (Green)

Manutec specific soluble fertilisers such as Foliage feeder and Green & Growth products have high nitrogen content and balanced with other nutrients to enhance lush and healthy green growth in plants. Nitrogen (N) nutrient element in the fertiliser is the source for production of chlorophyll or green matter in the plant, so to enhance greenness or vegetative growth in the plant, always look for fertilsiers containing higher nitrogen content. However it is important to note that excessive nitrogen supply without balancing other nutrients to the plant, may results in too much tender/succulent growth which will be susceptible for pests & diseases.

Foliage Feeder 250gProduct: Foliage Feeder 250g boxFoliage - analysis-directions

Product Code: MTO2505

Product Barcode: 9312462250550

Carton Qty: 12 x 250g packs


Foliage Feeder 500gProduct: Foliage Feeder 500g box

Product Code: MTO5005

Product Barcode: 9312462500556

Carton Qty: 6 x 500g packs




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Green & Growth 10kgProduct: Green & Growth – Soluble Fertiliser 10kg

Product Code: MBP1088

Product Barcode: 9312462100275

Carton Qty: 1 (each)