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A proper nutrient management in Hydroponic growing is very crucial, as it is not just the quality of nutrient/brand used, it is also about balancing various nutrients to an optimal level and at optimal pH. Unlike natural soil, the delicate media or nutrient solution used will have less natural buffering capacity and hence balancing nutrient concentration is important to avoid any adverse effect on growth.

  • Similar to plants growing in a natural soil condition, plants in hydroponic also go through seedling, vegetative growth and flowering (bloom) or fruiting phases.
  • During seedling phase (immediate after transplanting), it is always advisable not to apply any fertilisers for the first week, and for the next 2-3 weeks better to apply half strength nutrient solution and then week 4 on wards to go with full strength solution as product recommendations.
  • During Growth phase, plants normally will have high demand for Nitrogen and hence it is important to keep Potassium low in early stages to avoid premature flowering.
  • On the contrary, during Bloom or fruiting stage, Potassium will be in demand from plants to produce more flowers and produce, so ensure to top up with potassium rich fertilsiers.


Manutec has specific nutrient formulations for hydroponic culture available in 500g and 10kg pack sizes. Both contain Part 1 & Part 2 mixes as separate packs inside.hydroponics - analysis

Hydroponic 500gProduct: Hydroponic Nutrient soluble 500g box (contain 300g Part 1 & 200g Part 2 mixes)

Product code: MTO5009

Product barcode: 9312462660069

Carton Qty: 6 x 500g packs


Hydroponic Nutrient 10kgProduct: Hydroponic Nutrient soluble 10kg bag (contain 6kg Part 1 & 4kg Part 2 mixes)

Product code: MBP1922

Product barcode: 9312462100305

Carton Qty: each



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This soluble Fertiliser for Hydroponics is a one part soluble fertilsier blend (without Calcium) and with high level of Potassium suitable to enhance flowering & fruiting.  Calcium has to be supplemented separately as Calcium Nitrate. This product may not be available in retail outlets, contact Manutec directly.

Product: Manusol 36 – High K in 8kg boxmsol36 analysis

Product code: MSOL36

Product barcode: N/A

Carton Qty: each


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