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Orchids have a similar fertiliser/nutrient requirements to that of any other garden flowering plants. Orchids being originated as epiphytes (tree dwellers) in habitat, they need a very light & drain specialised potting mix/growing media to thrive well.  Most commercially available Orchid varieties in nurseries are Cymbidiums and like any other flowering plants have distinct cycles, i.e. Growth, Flowering periods, though it goes through a short resting period (dormant) in between, i.e after it finishes flowering and before it starts growing again. If you are growing a native or exotic Orchid varieties, consult your local nurseries or plant supplier for their sensitivity to commercial fertilisers.

During growth period ensure to use a balanced growth formula (which normally will be slightly higher Nitrogen content and less Potassium) to encourage growth. When plants are about initiate flower buds (spikes), change over to use Bloom Booster Fertilsier containing less nitrogen and higher Potassium levels. It is important to note here that Nitrogen always promotes vegetative (green growth) and Potassium promotes flowering (reproductive growth). So if your orchids are growing well and are not flowering in the season means, it has potentially lacking in enough potassium and trigger flowering.

Manutec Orchid Food is a balanced fertiliser which is suitable for promoting growth, where as Manutec Orchid Bloom Booster is rich in Potassium and for use during flowering/spike formation. Other Potassium rich soluble fertilsiers such as general Bloom Booster or Soluble Potassium Sulphate also helpful to increase potassium levels during flowering period. After flowering and plant normally will undergo low growth period and then start with active growth again. Follow directions on the pack and use diluted solutions on regular basis is always gives better results than with irregular heavy feedings.

ORCHID FOOD – For Growth

Orchid Food 250gProduct: Manutec Orchid Food 250g boxorchid food - analysis

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Orchid Food 500gProduct: Manutec Orchid Food 500g box

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9312462600218 ORCHID FOODProduct: Manutec Orchid Food 600g box

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ORCHID BLOOM BOOSTER – For Floweringorchid bloom analysis

Orchid Bloom Booster 250gProduct: Manutec Orchid Bloom Booster 250g box

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Orchid Bloom 500gProduct: Manutec Orchid Bloom Booster 500g box

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