For Tomato plants

Tomatoes are” Heavy feeders”, they need regular supply of water and nutrients through out the growing season. It is important for growers/gardeners to identify any nutritional deficiencies in early stages and correct them  with suitable fertiliser/nutrient products. This will help to minimise the impact on growth and quality. Fertilisers specific to Tomatoes are generally formulated with higher Potassium levels to promote better flowering and fruiting. Manutec has Soluble, granular and slow release Tablets specific to Tomatoes to support nutritional requirement from planting to harvest.

Tomato Food 500gProduct: ManutecTomato Food 500g boxTOMATO FOOD 500G-Analysis

Product code: MTO6712

Product barcode: 9312462220027

Carton Qty:  6 x 500g packs


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Tomato Magic 1kgProduct: ManutecTomato Magic 1kg boxTOMATO MAGIC-Analysis

Product code: MTO6713

Product barcode: 9312462100015

Carton Qty:  6 x 1kg packs


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1kg Tomato MTO2248Product: Slow Release Granular Fertilsier for Tomato – 1kg bottle

Product code: MTO2248

Product Barcode: 9312462224841

Carton Qty: 10 x 1kg bottles


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Tomato Tablets 200gProduct: Slow Release Tablet Fertilsier for Tomato – 200g Pack

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Product code: MTO6710

Product Barcode: 9312462298026

Carton Qty: 12 x 200g Packs (each pack has 20 x 10g tablets)





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Note: In case, if you are not using specific Tomato Fertilisers rich in Potassium and if using a fertiliser low in potassium, please ensure to top with additional Potassium during flowering & fruiting time using Manutec Sulphate of Potash soluble powder or Manutec Liquid Potash, so that you will achieve better flowering and fruit yield.